Updated 2/21

First off, Topo would like to sincerely thank all of you who have reached out to him in a show of support. He is truly humbled by the many positive messages that were received! Many guests have purchased gift certificates, and more than one offered to help out for free. Topo is very lucky to have so many friends. Thank you so much!

Topo has some news and he wanted all his friends to be filled in. 

First, he’s temporarily made both of the four-person bunk rooms quasi-private as an option for those who do not feel comfortable sharing bunk space during this time. We put locks on the doors for now, and the price structure will be: 1st two guests = $75 + tax. Additional guests (max of four in room) are each $30 + tax. If there is an open room after 4 P.M. on weekdays, single walk-ins can rent the room for $50 + tax. 

While the current situation exists, we’ll also not be accepting single-person reservations for the weekends until day of, if there is availability. Topo has also set a limit on single-person reservations for midweek, time being. 

For the two larger bunk rooms, we’ve rearranged the beds to give the most space between parties as possible, and will limit the number of different booking groups in the room to two, with the middle set of bunks temporarily ‘out of service’. If you have a party of six, or eight, we are still happy to set you up together in one of those rooms if available! 

While Topo wishes things were different at this time, he is most concerned with guests being safe and comfortable. Most guests know that Topo loves winter, though this might be the one winter that could move along a wee bit quicker. 

Now for the good news! Topo has been asking for a new logo for years and it looks like he is going to get his way. An old friend of mine has been working on some ideas for a while now, and we have examples of the third iteration to choose from. 

Topo thinks that some might actually want to purchase a water bottle or a t-shirt from TMax-n-Topo’s. What do you think? And what might you like to see available? 

We’d all like to thank our guests for supporting us through the years, and the many who have showed kindness at this time. Nothing is more important to us than having you all stay healthy, safe, and sane. We look forward to once again sitting by the fire or hanging out on the deck and hearing all your stories about your Adirondack Adventures! 

COVID Procedures: 

Masks: Masks will need to be worn in all common areas whenever there is any other person about who is not a member of your booking party. If there is a circumstance where you are in an area with only your booking party, then Topo asks that you please have a mask nearby for use when anyone else comes in (including the owners!). Masks will not be required in the private rooms.

Dining: Topo has designated the table farthest from where guests pass through for guest dining. Since it is very difficult to eat with a mask (unless one is really proficient at osmosis), masks will not be required while eating at the dining table. Guests will be asked to be accommodating and thoughtful of others, and to not linger longer than necessary when others are about. Masks will be required in the kitchen while cooking.

Deck: Topo’s re-imagined patio deck is open for guests during non-wintertime. If guests can keep six-feet away from each other while enjoying the deck, masks will only be required to be handy, and not worn. Topo is thinking of ways to provide more outside space, weather permitting. 

Cleaning: Topo has always tried to keep his place as clean as can be (dusty – maybe, but clean unless it is a Saturday night with the return of many sweaty hikers). He’ll make sure all obvious problematic surfaces are sanitized regularly.

Sanitizer: Sanitizer will be available on all three floors. If guests would like to sanitize doorknobs and things that are touched frequently, Topo thinks that would be grand! 

Camper: Going forward during the warmer months, we will treat the camper as a ‘private sleeping area’. All three of us have stayed in the camper in the past, and we’ve been told by guests that the camper is very comfortable. It has electric run out to it, and is in good range of the Wifi.

Open Windows: Until further notice and weather permitting, Topo will rely on cracking open a few windows with fans running for increased circulation.

Bunk rooms when shared with other guests: Topo has rearranged the bunks and will limit the number of different booking parties in the bunk rooms for the time being. Parties are encouraged to book as one when appropriate, even if they pay separately upon arrival. Guests are not required to wear a mask while sleeping, though if you are in a bunk-room for an extended amount of time while awake and in the presence of a different booking party, masks will be required.

Walk-in guests: For the time being, all guests who drop in without a reservation will need to contact David or Terri before they can secure a bunk or private room. This policy will be revisited as the situation unfolds.

Walk-in showers: TMax-n-Topo’s will continue to offer walk-in showers ($5 per person) on days that either the entire Hostel or all the bunks are not rented out to a single group. Those who wish to use this service must also wear a mask while in the common areas and follow all the walk-in shower rules. We’ll also ask that you not linger excessively and if you are part of a larger group, that, when possible, you wait outside until a bathroom becomes available.

If any guest feels that these guidelines will adversely impact their Adirondack adventure, we certainly hope you choose to come back when this is all over.

Thank you all for understanding as we deal with this unique time in our hiking adventures….Topo, TMax,
and topofgothics